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The concept of Sonoma Latina Grill rests on the word 'Sonoma' and how it is synonymous with sustainably farmed, fresh foods and beverages, and healthy, hard working lifestyles.

The restaurant is named 'Sonoma Latina' to honor the mothers of the family, each generation of women exerting a strong influence upon the next.

Coming to Sonoma Latina Grill is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Choose a Sonoma Favorite or a Fresh Salad
2. Add an Appetizer & a Dessert to Share
3. Relax and Enjoy Great Food

"We're about Good Food and health: fresh meat, poultry, produce. Fresh juice instead of fountain drinks. Ovens & wood-fire grills, no deep fryers. We don't even have a freezer."


   Truth in Tortilla-tizing

Most foil wrapped burrito shops will tell you they use artisan or natural preservative-free tortillas for their burritos.


Check the ingredients printed on the box, artisan and calcium propionate do not belong in the same sentence.  
Sonoma Latina

Forbidden Ingredients

Enriched Flour
Trans Fat
Calcium Proprionate
Sorbic Acid
Potassium Sorbate
Sodium Meta BiSulfite